Monday, July 9, 2007

New issue now online!

The latest issue of Greater Good is now online at!

The Summer 2007 issue explores the new science of gratitude. More than a simple "thank you," studies show gratitude can build physical health, personal happiness, and strong social connections. Our contributors discuss some of the most exciting research on gratitude and suggest how it can apply to everyday life. You can read the full Table of Contents at

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Robert E. Cobb said...

Forelaws of empathy and compassion - empirical attributes of cosmic genealogy seated within the genome of humankind and all intelligent life - hold the promise of moving humanity to life-centered comologies (scientific, philosophical, and religious), to future membership in the cosmic community of intelligent life, and to realizing human potential in the age of cosmic genealogy on Earth.

In forelawsship,

Robert E. Cobb

Jenny said...

I've often felt that looking at life with a sense of gratitude gives me a positive framework for the day - like noticing my abundance instead of lack, noticing what's working instead of what isn't. The moment I switch to a framework of gratitude, I instantly feel more at peace.

Ada said...

Thanks for a great issues! I work with couples that are in the military and my observations align with the articles in the issue. For years I have used variations of the thankfulness journal, or thank you days and moments for couples and it always works in helping couples get out of a negative spiral in the relationship. It is good to see clinical practice validated by research. Thanks again!

Ada Gonzalez, Ph.Dl. LMFT

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